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It is our great pleasure to introduce the word “Ohana” which means “family” in Hawaiian.  We chose to combine this word with “Winds” to mean sharing outdoor family fun together.  We offer a vast range of products that provide hours of family fun time to anyone who loves to fly them in the wind or display them in their gardens for spinning actions in gentle winds. That’s what OhanaWinds stands for, and that’s what it tries to bring you – lots of family fun in the wind! 

We offer hundreds of award-winning kites and spinners for hours of family and personal enjoyment.  They are made of high quality fabric, perfectly-designed and meticulously manufactured.  We have a kite or spinner for every occasion, for every age and taste; thus ensuring hours of wholesome sports activities and wholesome fun.

We are also proud to offer a vast range of decorative flags at very competitive pricing. We have the perfect flag for every season, holiday and celebration. Our flags come in different sizes and shapes, with top-notch production techniques such as hand-sewn appliqué, brilliant sublimation printing, and delicate embroidery accents. 

Last but not least, we offer a wide selection of paper-weight, costume jewelry brooches and earrings at fabulous cut-rate prices in the Clearance section.  Each piece is 100% hand crafted by our artisans and adorned with a crystal ornament and golden fittings, perfect for any holidays, celebrations, parties or just gifts for yourself and your loved ones.

Please remember that we ship within 48 hours upon receipt of your order. So relax and enjoy your OhanaWinds product selections!

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