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Nova Delta Kite 60 - Cool (Bold Innovations)

Nova Delta Kite 60 - Cool (Bold Innovations)

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A great flying kite with a cool looking wind-powered spinning windsock -- what a fabulous combination! This large kite is easy to assemble and easy to fly and is stabilized by a spectacular spinning two foot windsock. Constructed with a durable rip-stop polyester sail and resilient fiberglass frame, the bright colorful sail can be seen for miles. Complete with flying line and winder. Perfect for beach vacation.
Size (w x h): Size: 58 x 44 in.
Wind Range: 5 - 18 mph
Fabric: Polyester
Frame: Fiberglass
Packaging: Cloth case w/ color header
Line: Includes 150 ft. of 30# test line & winder

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