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Avenger Sport Kite -Tempest

Avenger Sport Kite -Tempest

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Size (W X L): 87 x 39 in. / 221 x 99 cm.
Wind Range: 9 ~ 22 mph
Fabric: Ripstop Nylon
Frame: Tubular Fiberglass
Weight: 18 oz. / 520 gm.
Line: Includes 200 lb. Test Polyester Line with Winder & Straps

This is a "big air" kite for hearty breezes and great workouts. The Avenger features a huge 87 inch wingspan and durable 8 mm tubular fiberglass frame. A blast to fly in strong wind, the Avenger pulls hard with plenty of speed. The kite comes with 200 lb. test polyester line, flying straps and an expandable carrying case for full or partial breakdown.

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